New Features:
– [INTERFACE] – Interface updated to waterRIDE 10 styling
– [BoM DATA] – Added support for BoM RAINFIELDS3 rainfall products
– [BoM DATA] – Ensemble data now converts as: MEAN, UPPER (10%), and LOWER (90%) bounds
– [BoM DATA] – Added support for specifying source of datasets as either FTP or network folder path
– [BoM DATA] – Added support for PME v3 forecast rainfall grids

– [GZIP] – Implemented internal unzipping of GZipped files
– [BoM DATA] – Removed support for legacy RAINFIELDS2 datasets – NowCAST, QPF, RADAR

Bug Fixes:


New Features:

– [NOAA STORMTIDE DATASETS] – Added ability to download using HTTP

Bug Fixes:
– [DEPTH GRID EXPORT] – Fixed exporting of ASCII grid of depths


New Features:
– [RIVER GAUGES] – Added support for specifying whether readings are LEVEL (assumed) or STAGE (gauge datum)
– [PROCESSING STATUS] – Added to main form
– [UPLOAD FOLDER] – Added ability to upload enture folder to FTP site

– [STATUS TEXT] – Added status text to main interface

Bug Fixes:
– [RAINFIELDS] – Fix for BoM Rainfields3 files in FTP folder


New Features:

– [BOM RADAR RAINFIELDS] – Added support for BoM Rainfields Radar products

– [WEATHERZONE RAINFALL GRIDS] – Added support for WeatherZone forecast rainfall grids

– [FTP OVER HTTP PROXY] – Added support for FTP over HTTP Proxy

– [WEATHERZONE GRIDDED RAIN] – Added support for WeatherZone gridded rain via HTTP or FTP

– [NOAA STORMTIDE DATASETS] – Added support for NOAA petss stormtide datasets over FTP

– [STEVENS INSTITUTE DATASETS] – Added support for script-based Stevens Institute datasets over HTTP

– [GENERAL FILE DOWNLOAD] – Added support for download of file(s) via FTP/HTTP/HTTPS in groups


– [BOM NOWCAST] – Added support for updated BoM NowCAST products

– [FTP PROXY] – Expanded support for FTP Proxies

– [GRIDDED RAIN DOWNLOAD] – Added ability to specify update frequency in minutes or hours

– [NETCDF CONVERSION] – Gzipped files now uncompress within waterRIDE (gzip.exe no longer used)

– [LOGILE] – Now formatted for viewing in waterRIDE FLOOD Manager

 Bug Fixes: 

– [LIBRARY CHANGES] – Recompiled with updated waterRIDE libraries


New Features:

– [FTP PROXY] – Added support for FTP proxy

– [AUTORUN COMMAND LINE] – Added support for running from the command prompt (windows batch files)

– [HELP FILE] – Added “Forecast Console” section to waterRIDE FLOOD Manager Help file

– [WBNM HYDROLOGY] – Added support for WBNM (2012) hydrologic modelling

– [v8 LIBRARIES] – Added support for waterRIDE v8 libraries

– [START TIME] – Start time for fallen rain forecasts can now be set in batch forecast script file – header line

– [ENVIROMON RIVER GAUGES] – Padded out blank readings
Bug Fixes: 

– [MERGE ADFD/PME] – Fixed issue where merging was not always successful

– [PUBLISH GIS INTELLIGENCE] – Fixed bug in copying intelligence layers after project execution

– [ADFD/PME CONVERSION] – Now converts UTC to local time