The approach taken by waterRIDE™ in flood forecasting focuses on leveraging readily available data (hydraulic modelling results, digital elevation models, property GIS datasets, critical infrastructure GIS datasets etc) to provide an indication of likely flood behaviour and, often more importantly, the consequences (or affectation) of such flooding on the community and emergency management efforts.

The waterRIDE™ environment provides the mathematical modeller with powerful, purpose built tools for integrating their time varying modelling results (both 1D and 2D) with GIS datasets, within a live GIS environment.

The waterRIDE™ environment was developed by mathematical modellers (“engineering programmers”) at WorleyParsons to overcome the limitations of conventional GIS platforms (such as MapInfo and ESRI products) in their distinct lack of support for integrated time varying datasets. It was also designed to provide a 2D representation of 1D model results, to allow model owners to get better value from their 1D models, and modellers to better visualise what they are modelling.

It has been progressively expanded over the years to provide a host of tools to help modellers get their work done better, smarter, quicker, and with greater understanding!

It provides modellers with access to GIS datasets (such as air photos, DTM’s, cadastre etc) to enhance their model results presentation, interrogation and model setup. Advanced interrogation tools make it easy to visualise, process, query, verify and understand your modelling datasets.

Sophisticated tools allow modellers to rapidly prepare deliverables such as: smoothed GIS flood extents, results mapped to fine scale DTM’s, thematic model surfaces, peak water levels from many model results, peak hydraulic hazards, seamless surfaces covering multiple catchments and models, floodplain classification (floodway, flood storage, flood fringe hydraulic categories), mapping to GIS etc.

Models currently supported include (both 1D and 2D): TUFLOW, TUFLOW FV, MIKE11/21/FLOOD/SHE, RMA2, RMA10, RMA11, InfoWorks RS, Isis 2D, SOBEK, DELFT 3D, FLS, time-varying ASCII grid output, HEC-RAS, XP-STORM, EXTRAN (XP-SWMM), DRAINS overland flow, ESTRY, ANUGA, ICPR and even hard copy results

It allows government agencies to leverage their investment in, and to get more value from their floodplain modelling results, regardless of the model type used. For example, models currently supported include (both 1D and 2D): TUFLOW, TUFLOW FV, MIKE11/21/FLOOD/SHE, RMA2, InfoWorks RS, Isis 2D, SOBEK, DELFT 3D, FLS, time-varying ASCII grid output, HEC-RAS, XP-STORM, EXTRAN (XP-SWMM), DRAINS overland flow, ESTRY, ANUGA, ICPR and even hard copy results.

Some of the capability available in waterRIDE™ that is applicable to Modellers includes:

  • Sophisticated Interrogation Tools – easily create thematic maps, rapidly create and extract (to GIS and Excel) time series plots, profile plots, flow plots, and calibration data at any location in your model.
  • Batch Queries – batch process the extraction of time series plots, profile plots, flow plots at any location in your model, including defining locations using external GIS files.
  • Common Interface – regardless of the model you use, 1D or 2D, waterRIDE™ provides a common interface to your model results, ensuring you have the same powerful toolset for all your modelling.
  • Time Varying GIS Analysis – the unique ability to integrate time varying model results with GIS datasets allows rapid time varying analysis such as: time to inundation, duration of inundation, interactive results animation, Boolean logic queries on hydraulic parameter combinations, calculation of true peak values across the entire hydrograph, verification of modelling results and quicker discovery of the causes of model instabilities.
  • Erroneous Model Behaviour- view interactive animations of your modelling results to identify sources of erroneous model behaviour
  • Quick Manning’s Calculations- quickly carry out Manning’s calculations to “sensibility” check your model results.
  • Compare Results- sophisticated difference and data extraction tools allow comparisons between model runs to be easily made, even when different model networks are used.
  • Import External Data- tools are provided to import various external datasets such as DEM’s and surface grids.
  • Client Presentation – the structure of waterRIDE™ facilitates high quality presentation of results to your clients, with all the data you need at your fingertips, ensuring “end-user” understanding and appreciation of your work.
  • Quality Assurance – the highly visual nature and powerful toolsets of waterRIDE™ provide modellers with a rapid means of identifying modelling errors, understanding model (and natural) behaviour, verifying and calibrating models, and providing consistent, high quality deliverables.


Further details can be found on the product pages.

The following products are likely to be of interest to Modellers:

  • waterRIDE™ FLOOD Manager
  • waterRIDE™ 1D Surface
  • RMAnet
  • RMAviewer


Details on the above products can be found in the “products” pages.